Tuns of Mugs

You would think that St Keverne square had been in place for centuries when you first view it. The iconic spired church standing proud, serving not only landsmen but seamen as well, the spire acting as a visual marker for approaching vessels before radar and GPS were around.

 In fact the square in its present form on took shape in the 1900's, the square had cottages and sheds in it and the Three Tuns had other buildings along side. The White Hart was little effected by the changes but the tuns was altered to its present form. 1920 saw the erection of the memorial which I believe was re-sited shortly after to the present position. A view of the square prior to the demolition can be seen in one of the pictures below.

Three Tuns Cornwall, over the years you could get accommodation, beer and food but it has changed hands so often since being one of Punch Taverns properties you can not be sure of either these days, currently it is open. There has been a building on this site from at least the mid 1400's we are unsure as to what capacity it was used.

The name is purported to come from that period when the vicar at that time was found with three tuns (large casks) of wine or brandy (gleaned from a French wreck or smuggled) in this building. Whether this true we shall endeavour to find out. We do have images of the Three Tuns and other parts of this area that look great on mugs.

Thatched roof Three Tuns St Keverne

The Three Tuns is a very different place than it was in Mr Wills day, his name is over the door in this turn of the century photograph.

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Three Tuns St Keverne shown at the turn of 20th century and the present building at around 1920's.

This picture showing the White Hart and up to Polventon House on the top of the hill at around 1920's.

An earlier view showing the White Hart and up to Polventon House but with cottages still in what is now the square.

Commercial Road, St Keverne, looking to the Church..

Old map of St Keverne circa 1894.

Old hand painted photo of the White Hart, St Keverne circa 1900. Still serving great food and beer today.

Old Post Office, Commercial Road, St Keverne circa 1915. Parish Church in the background.

Locals gathered in St Keverne circa 1895. Three Tuns in the background.

The Famous Cornish Wrestler, James Polkinghorne, born in St Keverne in 1788.

Tuns of Mugs - St Keverne

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Thatched roof Three Tuns St Keverne A muggle mugs product.
Thatched roof Three Tuns St Keverne A muggle mugs product.
Thatched roof Three Tuns St Keverne A muggle mugs product.